Wednesday, May 7, 2008

When I Get to the Bottom, I Go Back to the Top...

So, I now have, hanging in my closet, graduation regalia. (Including the snap in white collar for the girls that I will not be wearing, as I shall graduate in dress pants and a button-down.)

Holy crap...I'm actually graduating.

I'm graduating. I'm moving across the country to Berkeley, CA -- a place I have never been. But I hear it's warm. I'm moving to California without a car -- not that I could afford it. I'm playing the monastic game and getting rid of things -- or trying to do so. I seem to be bad at the monastic game.

Yeah, it's just now sinking in. Meep. And that I will be on a very long sojourn from Memphis, if indeed I ever return. And I like Memphis, or at least "the forbidden zone."

Making friends with Craigslist. Need a room in an apartment and then a job. Maybe clerical at a nonprofit office -- that could be a good job, if I could snag it.


Zan said...

I am vastly jealous, frankly. Berkeley?? Come on. That's amazing.

I'm getting ready to do some big moving myself...although I don't know where just yet :) My girlfriend has to get a job first and then...I'm taking off. My parents responded rather well to the news too. I was surprised. Well, they don't know that the friend is actually the girlfriend, but....there are only so many shocks they can handle at once :)

But yes...go. Go now while you can. It'll be amazing and awesome and hey, if Emily gets a job out in Cali, we can hang out :) Or something.

WordK said...

Thanks, Zan! It is pretty much -- amazing. (I'm going by my elementary/middle/high school at some point this week and bragging, I think.)

I'm still learning to walk the line on parental info. My mother is comforting herself with the notion that I'll be with the religion students who are more conservative. I think I'm just going to let her kept that illusion. ;)

I hope Emily lands a good job in an amazing place, and if it's the bay area -- all the better, I need every friend I may have.

Zan said...

OH yeah. The Bay would be sweet. Plus! She and I can get married there now! Whoohoo! You know, when we're ready :) That'll be after my family has been notified that the daughter they thought was superstraight is in fact, not. :)

There are a couple bloggers on my blogroll in the Bay. Cassandra Says is there. (She's my British twin.) Oh and Belle, from Fetch Me My Axe will be moving there soon for school. I think you'd all get on grand.