Friday, March 30, 2007

Good News about the Church of Christ

I've been following the blogs for Soulforce's Equality Ride. The posts have ranged from inspiring to depressing, and always fascinating.

Today, I was delighted to find some good news about the ole' Church of Christ. I'm constantly having to remind myself that there isn't a central creed or an official hierarchy. And I will say that the vast majority of members of the Church of Christ are wonderful, honest people who are sincere and loving.

The report on the experience of the Soulforce riders at Pepperdine is encouraging. Always good to here of CofC institutions and people that are open to discussion.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Origen and the Angry Inch

He just might be my favorite church father. I must do some more reading before I declare him such. He's definently one of the most amusing little nutters runing about the early Christian period.

Origen's latest contribution to the amuse Metra fund is a title for a paper.

Origen and the Angry Inch: The Genderqueer Kingdom of God

The prospect of writing this sucker just makes me extremely happy. (And results in much singing of Hedwig songs!) After sending me into a Seneca induced depression for the first month or so this class is now going well. Hoorah!

And in other news: you never realize just how addicted you are to the internet until the wireless network in your dorm crashes. It's been coming and going for two days. Very annoying. Especially with one class requiring assignments turned in online. Thank goodness for computer labs.