Saturday, July 21, 2007

Torture, ethics, and hijacking

It's alright for the CIA to torture detainees for information, and there's no need to give them any real guidelines.

Oh yeah, the Shrub has so much moral superiority over Mr. Putin. And torture has such a good track record for producing reliable information. I mean, heck, it got all those confessions during the inquisition, didn't it? Man, just think what we could do if we could burn folks at the stake!

How does he sleep at night? Does he just not comprehend what he's doing? That must be it, cause I really don't believe the Shrub is evil incarnate (although, things like this make me reconsider) -- he just has the approximate intelligence of a rock. Or maybe he is evil incarnate, I don't know anymore.

I mean there's the obviously questionable ethics of the US condoning the torture of people, but there is the small practical matter that if we're torturing enemy combatants and mocking international treaties, how in God's name can we expect any other country to not do the same should they capture American soldiers? And back to that first bit -- how it is ethical to do that?

Weren't you sucking up to the moral majority, Mr. Shrub? Oh wait, I forgot, the moral majority is only concerned with the "traditional family." They only care about keeping women in the house and making sure that gays are treated as subhuman in the economic and legal systems. (More moral that way, I suppose.) Justice isn't a part of morality -- just ignore the prophets behind the curtain.

Shoot, I'm not worried about hijacked airplanes -- I'm a little more concerned with the hijacked constitution and morality.

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