Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Pope is a Primate?

Well, in a certain sense, yes.

I present the definition of primate from
1.Ecclesiastical. an archbishop or bishop ranking first among the bishops of a province or country.
2.any of various omnivorous mammals of the order Primates, comprising the three suborders Anthropoidea (humans, great apes, gibbons, Old World monkeys, and New World monkeys), Prosimii (lemurs, loris, and their allies), and Tarsioidea (tarsiers), esp. distinguished by the use of hands, varied locomotion, and by complex flexible behavior involving a high level of social interaction and cultural adaptability.
3.Archaic. a chief or leader.
So, yes, in some sense, the pope loosely fits all three definitions of primates. I submit that Bill O'Reilly check the dictionary next time.

But all that aside, since when did having comments that might admittedly be inappropriate (re: Tony Snow in particular) suddenly turn a blog into a hate site. Now, I'll admit that I don't actually read the DailyKos on a frequent basis and I do know that the DailyKos is known for strongly worded opinions, but there's something about Bill O'Reilly accusing anyone of being hateful that maketh the ole' hypocrisy detector beep rapidly.

Okay, it is correct to point out that making comments that the world would be better off were certain political figures dead after they've had a cancer relapse is quite crude, and the commenter is deserving of a virtual slap. Hardly the equivalent of the KKK. In fact, Mr. O'Reilly's implications belittles the actual seriousness of the crimes committed by the KKK. But other things that O'Reilly had a problem with most of the ones mentioned on the Factor are just snarky, and several are nothing more than opinions with which Mr. O'Reilly disagrees. But since apparently someone died and made Mr. O'Reilly god, his dissent suddenly means that such comments are now hate.

As usual, I just can't imagine why people would call Evangelicals nutty! I mean, it could be worse, we progressive terrorists could be plotting to make all the Evangelicals live by our moral code. It would horrible. They might actually have to respect their neighbors and actually drive the moneychangers out of their houses of worship. I mean, I mean, it would just be unChristian, wouldn't it! No, we just mutter to each other that these people are a little screwy and we do wish that their would stop trying to force their religion onto our bodies and into our lives.

And heaven's forbid that anyone suggest that a country as a right to attack Israel. Being a bit of a pacifist, I'm not suggesting that any country should attack Israel or any other country. There would be serious ethical issues to any country attacking the Israeli population. But if the US wants to claim the right to attack basically whatever country it pleases.... And back to that whole, oh-em-gee, someone has a differing opinion. Let's call a witch hunt! What an attitude!

Mr. O'Reilly, you said, "hate is hate no matter where it comes from." Honey, look in the blasted mirror!

And, I'll be upfront about it, Mr. O'Reilly. Frankly, I detest you. I detest your attitude. I detest your actions. I detest the vast majority of your opinions. I detest even more the hateful lies that you spread. And that's probably why I won't be getting off the reincarnation merri-go-round this time.

And, yes, I don't watch the Factor and would have remained blissfully ignorant of the latest nonsense to exit Bill O'Reilly's mouth were it not for Steven Colbert. However, I did go find and watch the clip of the actual Factor segment. It must be a hard job, Steven, parodying a parody.

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