Friday, June 8, 2007

Rants of the Day

Номер Один: 93x Memphis Radio
On my way over to the U of Memphis this morning, I briefly listened to the radio in between CDs. So anyway, I heard an advertisment for the station's "Girls of Summer Contest" which apparently involves collecting photos of female listeners (or the girlfriends of male listeners) to, and I quote, "pornify" the stations website. They are looking for the "hottest shots of the baddest bitches in Memphis." I have yet to decide whether they get points for being very blunt in their terminology or not. Yeah, yeah, I know, nobody is really hurt by this. (Although, I am slightly concerned by the fact that there doesn't seem to be any effort on the part of the station to ensure that they actually get the consent of the women in the photos that they are collecting.) It still got the radio an "are you kidding me? radio isn't even a visual medium!" look.

Номер Два: CNN
Dear CNN, please stop running the stories about Paris Hilton's exit from and return to jail, and Mary Winkler's sentencing right next to each other and trying to draw comparisons. Because, guess what, the stories don't compare. Trust me, if Mary Winkler is getting off easy -- which you could make a case for especially if, like CNN, you decide that she must be lying about the alleged abuse -- it is not for the same reasons as Paris Hilton. Completely difference situations. And, yes, I am a bit annoyed by the media taking the stance that Mary Winkler is lying. We really don't have a way to know whether or not her "preacher husband" abused her, but there is no reason for the media to assume that she is making it up, and well, a jury was apparently convinced that there was some mitigating factor. And I hope that someone lets this woman have, at the very least, contact with her children. Because, I bet her sister is right and poor Mary's personality was deconstructed enough by whatever circumstances religious or otherwise (see my prior comments, I'm not feeling coherent) that she isn't complete without her daughters. And I don't see why the girls should completely lose both parents.

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