Saturday, March 10, 2007

Time, Religion, and Spring Break

So, I'm back in the 'Shire for spring break. Or at least so far, I've managed to spend most of my time in the 'Shire rather than in Mule Town, USA. It's getting nice and green. There are friendly cats hanging around my grandparents' house, the distinct smell of cattle, and I got to shoot a my grandfather's automatic rifle at a cardboard box. It was fun.

The time changes tonight. For me this means that I have to get up an hour earlier to go read for an hour at one Church of Christ or another. I'll probably go to the smaller one that doesn't make me nauseous, but yeah . . . either way I'm going to continue reading the Feminine Mystique so I don't go insane. With my luck the preacher will pick tomorrow to speak on the evils of women. I shouldn't get this negative, this far ahead of time, now should I? But it's difficult not to.

I didn't realize I was that religious until I started keeping this blog. Now I think, "well, duh." But I've spent so long trying to separate myself far enough from my background to be able to breath without having to constantly be on my guard and ready to jump to the defense of myself and any belief I hold dear, that I was fairly convinced that my interest was pure academics. Nope. Not really. It's still personal. At least, at some level.

And will someone please tell me why conservative Christians on Facebook can't spell or write a sentence without a glaring grammar gaffe.

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