Monday, March 12, 2007

Ironically placed Chick tracts

Or, how my dad continues to manage to brighten my bad days.

I'm going through cataloging my dad's books on LibraryThing. I'm going through the stacks of Bible commentaries (we have three complete multi-volume studies and numerous other one-volume studies) and noting where he left bookmarks and notes scribbled on index cards. I find a Chick Tract hiding out in one book explaining in graphic detail why the King James Version is the only English translation that you may use unless you want to burn for eternity in hell with the Catholics, the Wiccans, the homosexuals, and well, virtually everyone, I guess. What book had this Chick tract taken up residence in? -- The King James Debate: A Plea for Reason, which, according to the back material, is a refutation of KJV only arguments.

I'm amused. And, yes, Mr. Chick's tract will continue hanging out between pages 68 and 69 of The King James Debate. Because the irony is too fun. It's like modern art in my library!

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