Saturday, June 7, 2008


Don't ask how my internet browsing ended up at But, eww! Shouldn't there be some sort of public outrage over this garbage being handed to girls?

"Shaving is a part of growing up. It's ladylike and fun so EMBRACE it."

Is bad grammar ladylike as well? That one I may have in spades. (Yes, the comma in the quote is also missing on the website.)

And just ugh! Not that I feel the need to be embraced as ladylike with my gloriously hairy legs, but . . . how on earth did this myth that women shaving their legs is somehow natural and innate become so f'ing pervasive? Oh, yeah, marketing. Like this crap!

Shaving one's legs is not a part of growing up. It is a part of a particular ideal of feminine beauty that one should feel free to participate in or reject.

As my sister -- who does shave -- says: They're your legs!


Dw3t-Hthr said...

One of my favorite stories:

My ex and his wife were out with his brother and brother's girlfriend, and somewhere along the line it was mentioned that my ex's wife doesn't shave her legs.

Girlfriend, horrified, turned to my ex and said, "You don't MIND?!"

Ex, being the kind of amiable and bewildered fellow he is, blinked at her a few times and then said, "Well, I don't shave mine."

I tried once! Once I stopped the bleeding I said, "Well, that was dumb" and didn't try again.

WordK said...

That's a glorious story!

I'll be honest. I "tried" the leg shaving thing for most of high school. And I spent most of high school frustrated because the fairly coarse leg hair grew back in quickly. As in, I could shave my legs in the morning and have visible stubble by late afternoon. First two years of college the suckers only got shaved when I knew I was wearing a shorter skirt or shorts -- and these were rare events.

Finally said "to hell with it" a year and ten months ago. Not a decision I've regretted. Nor have I missed spending money on razors.