Thursday, May 22, 2008

Embodiment, bodies, resurrections, all that fun stuff.

If you're looking for something thought provoking to read, you should check out this article on debates over the practice of cremation in Judaism. It raises a number of questions about the psychological benefits of funerals, the problems with modern burial practices, and the ecological impacts thereof.


Philomela said...

Myself and a friend have just set up a blog carnival for progressive Christians
The home page is here you were suggested as someone who might want to participate.

I really like this post, it speaks to me very deeply as I’m in similar place, I’d really like to include it in the carnival. If you have another one youd prefer you can submit that instead (or as well as!) if you don’t want to take part I’ll undertand

WordK said...

I'd be happy to participate. You're more than welcome to use the "Theologizing in Exile" post.

These, four post collectively titled "Am I a Christian?" are better writing, but might not fit as well with the July theme:

This sounds like it could be a great carnival -- I'm looking forward to it.

Philomela said...

Thanks so much, I would like to go with the theologising in exile post then depending on how many submissions we get we might have a section at the end for stuff that doesnt fit the theme, or if we get loads of submissions wait and run them in a carnival that they fit the theme. Is that okay?

Also do you mind if I blogroll you on my personal blog?