Monday, December 17, 2007

Trainwreck Fascination: It Just Keeps Getting Better

A: This post will be rather inappropriate.
B: I seriously need to find better uses of my time.

Setting: Facebook. Church of Christ Group. Discussion Board. Watching from Sidelines Only. With Malicious Glee.

(linking, but I think having facebook will be necessary) Topic: "Is Masturbation, In and Of Itself, Sinful"

And just in case that weren't potentially amusing enough, we have one fellow obsessed with wet dreams. (Do I hear Augustine calling? Yes, yes, I do.) So this is literally the best quote ever to be found in an online fundie discussion:

I do agree that alot of people stimulate masturbation with lust(male & female) yet you can masturbate without sinning(thinking impure sexual thoughts). Wetdreams(half voluntary half involuntary) are a natural thing God created for us to enjoy. It's just man corrupted it with impure things.

Made even better by the follow-up question of "what's a wet dream?"

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