Friday, July 6, 2007

I have an Itchy Foot

And, I've totally been on Voldemort's side for quite some time. Surprised, aren't cha?

So what will happen at the end of the Harry Potter saga? J.K. Rowlings will have the time to do crazy things, like actually revise her manuscripts before they are rushed to publication? Do I really remember what happened at the end of the last book? Nope, other than Dumbledore died, outliving my prediction of his demise by an entire book. Do I really care what happens at the end of this one? I'll read it anyway.

But, I suspect the pleasure I got from this Salon article on possible ends for the saga of the boy-wizard will be greater than whatever joy I will extract from the book after the little brother is finished with it. Maybe I can beat him with it in vengeance for having misplaced my Philip Pullman.


Zan said...

Oh, Harry has to die. Totally. If I were writing it, I'd kill him off in the last book. But not, like, in a big fight. Nope. I'd let them have that huge fight, have them win and vanquish the bad guy. And then, at the victory party, Harry would choke on the olive in his martini. Ayep.

WordK said...

LOL! That might have just beat out the HarryxVoldemort ending I once saw as my favorite potential end for the series.