Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Or follow up to the what religion am I anyway post.

The top five religions for me according to Beliefnet's quiz thingy -- which is actually quite flawed, if you ask me, because I'm not quite any of the answers they have.

1. Unitarian Universalist 100%
2. Mahayana Buddhism 96%
3. Neo-Pagan 89%
4. Liberal Quakers 85%
5. New Age 83%

But I want to run away and become a whirling dervish! (No, I am being serious.) And while Mahayana Buddhism is quite nice in many respects, I've found myself to be far more attracted to Tibetan Buddhism. Meditating on bodies decomposing in boneyards, collapsing false dichotomies -- yeah! Hmm, maybe that can be my next project after I get perfecting the gender deconstruction in early Christianity out of the way.

And well, I would take their spirituality quiz, but the division of answers in the first questions already had me feeling claustrophobic.

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