Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Make up your mind, Dr. Craig

Okay, I'm not surprised but here's a rather "egregious" case of Craig changing his statements halfway through a debate. Well, okay, over halfway through.

Craig's Opening Statement
"In patriarchal Jewish society the testimony of women was not highly regarded. In fact, the
Jewish historian Josephus says that women weren’t even permitted to serve as witnesses in a
Jewish court of law. Now in light of this fact, how remarkable it is that it is women who are the
discoverers of Jesus’ empty tomb" (5).

Ehrman's Rebuttal
"Yes, Mary Magdalene was a follower of Jesus, but his [Craig's] own argument was that
nobody would invent the women because they were marginalized, because men didn’t think
highly of women. My response is, that’s precisely why Mark would invent the tradition, because
in Mark’s Gospel, it’s the marginalized who understand who Jesus is, it’s not the male disciples.
That’s why you have the story of the women discovering the tomb" (27).

Craig's Concluding Statement
"Again I would simply suggest that as women disciples of Jesus, who are faithful to Jesus and involved in his support and following him, they don’t represent marginalized people" (27).

Please, Dr. Craig, please, tell me how J.C.'s female followers who, incidentally, were NOT believed by the male disciples when they reported but that Jesus had risen in the gospels were not representatives of marginalized people. Or, at least, make up your mind, they either were marginalized by the society and considered unfit to testify or they weren't marginalized. Pick one.

Craig is just, so, mock-worthy. Wandering about, ripping off theologians who are far superior to him, and doing it badly. Resorting to borderline ad hominem attacks. Murr.

Yes, I really don't care for this guy.

ETA: Hmm, I suppose there is something rather inconsistent in ranting about how I don't like Craig's use of near ad hominem attacks in the midst of declaring him mock-worthy. Oh well.

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