Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So you don't want to hear about my good day . . .

. . . that's okay, I have a blog for rhetorical ranting. And today it's happy thoughts! (Not the least of which is short meditations on why the existence of the Dresden Dolls makes the world a better place.)

I have job this summer! It pays in the decent range and hopefully won't be as "must kill" inducing as BK. Furthermore, my place of work is across the road from where I will be living. And the hours look like they'll be evening, not night. Works with summer classes. Works with something akin to a normal sleep schedule. Overrated, but whatcha gonna do?

I talked my way into an intro oil painting class without taking any prerequisites! (I have no formal training in art, other than iconography and egg tempera, but I'm a decent sketch artist and refuse to take general introduction to art. Self-teaching works remarkably well with a few online guides and a LOT of free time.)

*Happy dance! Happy dance!*

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