Sunday, April 29, 2007

News Flash: The Deck is Stacked Against Chicks!

Yeah, so that pay gap between men and women -- it starts right after graduation from college. You know before those justifications of it that I've heard set in. These young women aren't yet having to take maternity leave or time off for kids and *gasp* those young men aren't breadwinners with dependents. The pay gap between men and women can't be explained away by these supposed mitigating factors. Leaving only one remaining possibly -- society hates women.

The argument of this article is that this is indirect discrimination built out of the combination of girls and young women being taught by society to not ask for more and bosses who don't know what to do when a woman values her work (and her self) to the extent that a man does and asks for more money.

Little girls, when asked to state how much their work is worth, give themselves far less in comparison to boys. Something is teaching these little girls to place less value on them selves and their labor. (Warning, Metra, warning: approaching Marxist language.) What could that something be other than societal institutions?

And people wonder why I want to overturn the pillars of society.

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