Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Boredom and Facebook: What a Dangerous Combination!

Well, I gave into the creeping temptation and entered another discussion on the Church of Christ facebook group. I should probably be shot before I do something else.

In my defense, I entered on a good note. Someone started a topic on homosexuality and the correct Christian response to it. I found it a delightful surprise that the majority of response were quite nuanced. Anyway, since I had just been delighted by the interaction of Pepperdine and Soulforce I posted a link to the Soulforce blog entry and an article from Pepperdine's campus newspaper.

And then the warm, fuzzy feelings dissolved. Not in response to my original posting, which hasn't received a direct response. And then my snarkiness crawled out of the darkness. Bad Metra!

Anyhoo, its reopened my meditation on the difference between theological statements with which I disagree and flat-out bad theology, so maybe some use will emerge and I can try to further refine the difference between the two things.

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