Friday, January 26, 2007

Plurals formed with "-i" are just more fun.

Over the summer, my muse and I had moment that involved me stepping out of the shower one morning and promptly curling up on the bathmat waiting for a menstrual cramp to go away. I believe I muttered something to the effect of "It my uterus had any value I would sell it on the black market." Which, as anyone who knows me knows, wouldn't happen. As such a process would likely involve needles.

But the muse whispered in my ear: There's a story in that statement.

Having made in out of the bathroom floor to my computer, this obedient little slave of the muse hit the internet and discovered that uteri have no black market value. Rather upset at first, I soon began to consider other things characters could sell, like eggs. (This, by the way, resulted in a rather strange story.)

But now, perhaps, I can indeed pursue the black-market uterus story! It could be a fun sci-fiesque thing.

Although, my mind remains boggled, but to each her own.

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